Toad&Co Debug Range Pant

April 25, 2017

Currently available: $95  Visit their site to learn more

Pants to shoo away the bugs! Our friends at Toad&Co have an awesome pair of pants for bug-free enjoyment of the outdoors. The Debug Range Pant offers protection with special fabric treated with Insect Shield Technology which repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges, plus a super smart feature – discrete drawcord hems that allow you to cinch pant legs closed, acting as a physical barrier to those creepy crawlies hitching a ride. Excellent idea! A comfortable fit, four pockets (one with a secure zipper), and a clean look, guarantee to make this a staple item in your TrailblazerGirl wardrobe. Over and above all these practical and important features is the fact that Toad&Co is a very socially and environmentally responsible company. They practice sustainability in the workplace, in their fabric selection, in manufacturing and packaging, in addition to supporting non-profits that help others. Exceptional clothes from an exceptional company!