April 25, 2017

Currently available: $29.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming soon! Here’s something to get excited about.. the FLIPSTICK by TYLT is a sleek looking portable power pack. This is not just any power pack. This is the complete package – built-in micro-USB, Lightning, or Type-C connector AND a USB cable for recharging. Yes, it’s all there so you won’t have to search for (or remember to bring!) any connecting cords or cable! Yippee! The built-in USB cable connects back into the charger cleverly forming a loop allowing you to attach the FLIPSTICK inside your backpack or purse or even a belt loop. The rubberized coating on the body of the charger grants a soft, non-slip grip which is super handy when out and about. The rechargeable 3,350 mAh battery pack provides a full charge for your smart phone and takes only 3 hours to fully charge. Grab and go with the TYLT FLIPSTICK!