Rebecca Atwood + Method Pumpkin Clove Gel Handwash

August 30, 2016

Currently available: $3.99  Visit their site to learn more

The smell of fall is in the air! Especially after you wash your hands with the new Pumpkin Clove Gel Handwash from Method. In a collaboration with designer Rebecca Atwood, this luscious-smelling soap presents well in Method’s signature-shaped tear drop bottle that is beautifully painted in a limited-edition collection for fall. This is part of Target’s Made to Matter program that focuses on innovative products with a purpose. Method has always been at the forefront of planet-friendly home and personal care products that are stylishly appealing, so it’s no wonder it was included in this exclusive club of products. See a recent review to learn more about Method’s great products, and try their latest fall-inspired hand soaps.