ShiKai Biker Soap

May 25, 2016

Currently available: $7.49  Visit their site to learn more

Soap that is made for the active TraiblazerGirl! Well, not literally, but pretty close since the founder of ShiKai originally created Biker Soap for his kids who were covered with dirt, grease and grime after a day of cycling. Now, you have a liquid soap to get yourself clean that is strong enough to remove the traces of those fun TrailblazerGirl adventures, yet gentle enough to use everyday without drying and irritating your skin. Plus, it contains no animal ingredients nor is it tested on animals. A small amount lathers up well and quickly gets rid of the smells, muck, and gunk from your day. ShiKai Biker Soap is a super, all-around cleanser for those day on your bike and more!