Holiskin Natural Energy Booster and Sleeping Beauty Natural Sleep Aid

May 2, 2016

Currently available: $15  Visit their site to learn more

A natural pick-me-up or put-me-to-sleep! Our friends at Holiskin shared their Natural Energy Booster and Sleeping Beauty Natural Sleep Aid with us, and we’re excited to share our thoughts with you. Let’s talk about the Natural Energy Booster first. You’re instantly struck by the peppermint smell which uplifts and stimulates your mind, then there’s the hint of rosemary which is energizing and increases your circulation. Other active ingredients include frankincense (calming, tension relief) and black pepper (increases blood flow). For those times when you need a boost, it’s a more healthy alternative than downing an energy drink or piece of candy. Next, there’s the Sleeping Beauty Natural Sleep Aid which is a much needed addition to our nighttime routine. The combination of hazel seed oil, lavender oil, chamomile, and other essential oils certainly helped to give us a good night’s sleep. There’s even a warning that you may have a hard time waking up since this blend really induces a deep sleep state. (We didn’t have any trouble but did feel very refreshed after a restful night.) Both products are handcrafted in batches using only natural/organic, authentic essential oils without any synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances and no animal testing. We love the ease of application with the roll on bottles which are also very chic looking. Two fantastic products worth checking out!