Hurdle Women’s Ankle Socks

July 31, 2023

Currently available: $18.95  Visit their site to learn more

An award-winning sock to help you take on the ‘hurdles” of running! Our friends at Hurdle (hee-hee, see what we did there?!), have some socks that received the impressive rating of Best All-Day Socks by the folks at Runner’s World in 2023. Yes, this is a well-deserved award with the socks being exceptionally comfortable thanks to cushy heel and forefoot padding consisting of their Micro Gravity Matrix. This propriety interior matrix technology provides optimal weight distribution, shock absorption, and breathability but without excessive bulkiness. The socks have a comfortable, snug fit and are anatomically designed with a seamless toe, so be sure to put them on the correct foot, which is easy-peasy since they are clearly labeled with an “R” and “L”. Choose from 4 heights: no show, ankle, quarter crew, and crew and 4 colors: white, grey, light blue, and bright pink. The Hurdle Women’s Ankle Sock is a top performing sock to facilitate your running comfort!