Empower Cardio Core & More

June 11, 2015

Currently available: $39.99  Visit their site to learn more

Be active. Be healthy. Be strong. That’s the tagline for Empower, and the Cardio Core & More will help you achieve this goal! This kit has a weighted hoop, workout DVD, and illustrated guide. The hoop comes in 8 pieces (convenient for travel) and can be arranged in different weight configurations to vary your workout difficulty. It’s a nice soft foam padding to make hooping more comfortable with this 3 pound hoop – 3 pounds doesn’t sound like much, but you will certainly appreciate the padding after the first 15 minutes of hooping! The DVD provides fun workouts with your hoop that are designed to maximize your calories burned by toning you entire body and strengthening your core. As they say, “hoop your way to a tighter tummy”!