Pelican 3310PL LED Flashlight

May 29, 2015

Currently available: $35.96  Visit their site to learn more

Your own personal mini light saber! Well, not exactly the kind of light saber in Star Wars but definitely an indispensable item. The clever folks at Pelican have incorporated photoluminescent technology in their 3310PL LED Flashlight – a fancy way of saying that this baby glows in the dark! No more grappling around your tent in the middle of the night to find your flashlight for those midnight bathroom treks (or midnight snacks)! So many other fantastic features including an impressive run time of 190 hours on low, almost 9 hours on high, waterproof to 1 meter, and a bright 234 lumens on high and 28 lumens on low. The shape makes it easy to carry, and it weighs an acceptable 6.2 oz. Your beacon of light for all your nighttime TrailblazerGirl adventures!