September 2, 2014

Currently available: $39.95  Visit their site to learn more

A key accessory that all TrailblazerGirls should have! The DBelt is just what you need on your next run, walk, hike, ride, or any TrailblazerGirl activity to keep your essentials safe and secure. It is a made out of a blend of cotton and spandex that is cooling and antimicrobial (no worries about odor or chafing!), and it snugly fits around your waist with adjustable Velcro tabs. There are 2 zippered pockets – one that is slightly bigger and is the perfect size for holding your phone and even has a little headphone portal, so you can easily listen to music. It’s a definite plus that the 2 pockets keep your keys, money, and credit cards separate from your phone, and we’re happy to report that items don’t move around inside the pockets to distract you. As they say, “Be Fit, Be Free, and Be Fashionable”!