Bowflex Boost

March 18, 2014

Currently available: $49.95  Visit their site to learn more

Tracking your progress is oh SO simple! So simple that is with the Bowflex Boost. The latest entry to the wearable activity tracking market, the Boost “automagically” tracks your steps, distance, calories AND your sleep. Then, it plots them all on a graph right there on your smart phone while also comparing your activity against pre-programmed goals. How to get the data from your wristband to the phone? The Bowflex Boost has one of the easiest Bluetooth syncing we’ve seen… just open the free app on the phone and hold the button on the wristband down for 5 seconds, and voila, the data’s transferred and the graphs are there to see. With the Boost, you can wear it all the time and training becomes just a natural part of your life. Wonderful.