Wallaroo Explorer

March 13, 2023

We’re ready for the sun! A good hat is a must for your TrailblazerGirl adventures, and our friends at Wallaroo offer a range of hats with their Explorer, being an ideal choice for sunny weather. On a mission to eliminate the threat of skin cancer, Wallaroo tests and rates their hats according to the UV […]

Top Snow Gear of 2021

December 9, 2021

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes and shares for our 2021 features in the Snow category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the Turtle Fur Pipe Dream, a neck gaiter that lets you embrace the cold and feel […]

Turtle Fur Zarah Beanie and Cowl

November 16, 2021

A hat and cowl made from recycled plastic bottles? Yes, please! We introduced you to our friends at Turtle Fur several years ago, and they’ve continued to design fantastic products to help us TrailblazerGirls take advantage of an active outdoor lifestyle. The Zarah collection takes the three R’s to a fourth level – reduce, reuse, […]

Sun50 Wide Brim Fedora

October 8, 2021

The perfect travel hat! We introduced you to Sun50 earlier, with their fantastic, sun protection Monarch tee, and here’s another winner from them, this time from their sun protection accessory line, the Wide Brim Fedora. This polished hat adds style to any outfit and has a 3 inch wide brim, just wide enough to provide your […]

WIRTH Wooling Stone Cap

March 23, 2021

Love the cap, love the mission. The Wooling Stone Cap from our friends at WIRTH is just what you need to keep you comfortable and dry when the temperatures dip and the rain comes down. A stylish wool topper with an adjustable leather strap and flat brim, it looks as great on a hike through […]

Buff Midweight Merino Wool Hat

September 12, 2019

Thin but warm! The new Midweight Merino Wool Hat from our friends at Buff is just what you need as the temperatures start to cool. The benefits of merino wool are many: it’s naturally odor resistant; it’s warm in moderate to cool temperature; it’s breathable, moisture wicking, and dries quickly; it’s machine washable; and it […]

Ciele Athletics CrewBeanie

January 31, 2019

Up or down, either way works! Here’s another great product from our friends at Ciele Athletics…the CrewBeanie. Built for runners, their toppers will keep you warm but not too warm, and they are equally useful for winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking, etc. The CrewBeanie works well at keeping your head snug, yet, thanks to the […]

Ciele Athletics LRHeadband

January 31, 2019

Burr, burr, burr…it’s cold outside! So bundle up with the LRHeadband from our friends at Ciele Athletics. As active TrailblazerGirls, you’ll need something to keep the chill out but not make it so you’ll overheat and be uncomfortable. Ciele Athletics has just the thing for you! The LRHeadband is cleverly designed: your ears will be nice […]

Top Running Gear of 2018

December 10, 2018

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2018 reviews in the Running Gear category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please…the hats that keep you shaded and free from sweat blindness, the Headsweats Race Hats. Rounding […]

Headsweats Race Hats

September 19, 2018

Available in a whole rainbow of colors, the Race Hats from our friends at Headsweats will keep you shaded and sweat free…yippee! A few years ago, we introduced you to Headsweats and their Ultra Reflective Supervisor. The novel design of their hats and visors incorporates a “sweatband” inside your hat to keep you from experiencing […]

Cirque Mountain Explorer Trucker Cap

August 13, 2018

The Explorer Trucker Cap from our friends at Cirque Mountain has you covered! From the new outdoor series, the Explorer has a minimalist mountain outline and a pretty purple, pink, blue, and turquoise color palette which evokes memories of beautiful west coast summer sunsets. Trucker hats lend themselves well to outdoor activities, and this one […]

GripGrab Cycling

September 13, 2017

When you are ready to hit the trails on two wheels, our friends at GripGrab have you covered from head to toe! With their new women-specific line of cycling accessories, the GripGrab Women’s Range, this Danish company has us impressed. Starting at the top (literally!), their Women’s Summer Cycling Cap is lightweight, breathable, machine washable, and will […]

Dynamic Asia Hats and Bags

June 30, 2017

Summer style! Fashionista TrailblazerGirls will appreciate the vast selection of hats and bags available on Dynamic Asia’s website. We are big fans of hats. They protect your face from the sun, shade your eyes, hide “bad hair” days, and can add some style to an outfit. We tried 2 of the visor style hats that Dynamic […]

Spony Baseball Cap

June 28, 2017

Wear it open or closed…the Spony Baseball Cap, that is! At first glance, it looks like a typical cap to shade you from the summer sun (or hide your tresses on a bad hair day!), but the Spony Cap is actually a very clever invention. The back seam is fashioned with a velcro closure that […]

Buff Pack Run Cap

June 14, 2017

Outdoor adventures require a Buff Pack Run Cap! Okay, so it may not be sunny when you first head out, but this handy little cap is perfect to take with you because it scrunches up to about the size of you fist, fitting easily in a pocket. The crushable polyurethane brim snaps back to shape readily and […]

Dorfman Pacific Stetson No Fly Zone Hat

April 4, 2017

A hat that works as your superhero against mosquitos and more! The Stetson No Fly Zone Hat from our friends at Dorfman Pacific is an essential for your TrailblazerGirl adventures. The special power comes from the No Fly Zone treatment of the fabric that creates an invisible and odorless cloak around you keeping the mosquitos, ants, […]

Turtle Fur Accessories

February 2, 2017

Yikes! It’s cold out there, but fortunately, there’s Turtle Fur to the rescue! This awesome company based in Vermont (yes, it gets very cold there, so they know their stuff!) has a wide range of hats, headbands, neck warmers, balaclavas, mittens, and socks to meet all your cold weather needs. We tried their Original Turtle Fur […]

Overade Plixi

September 28, 2016

No more excuses not to wear a helmet. The Plixi by the Parisian company Overade is a foldable helmet. The design of this helmet is a marvel – check out the video on their website – it folds into itself with various hinges and segments, so that its volume is about a third of the size […]

Seirus Quick Clava

March 22, 2016

Keep yourself toasty warm with this all-in-one! The Quick Clava from Seirus is a patented combo hat and balaclava. No need for a separate hat, face mask, and neck warmer with this handy item. Available in a variety of styles, they all come with a built-in fleece clava. If it’s not too cold out, just […]

Peekaboos Classic Cable Ponytail Hat

January 7, 2016

No ordinary hat! Our friends at Peekaboos have designed the Classic Cable Ponytail Hat, an innovative winter hat with hidden openings for your ponytail. No need to squish all your hair in your hat; within the cable knit twist are 2 openings, one high and one low, so that your ponytail can be free to […]

Lifebeam Smart Visor

November 10, 2015

More than just a nice-looking visor! The Smart Visor from our friends at Lifebeam is an innovative, wearable fitness tracker that measures your heart rate, cadence and calorie consumption. It connects wirelessly to any compatible smartphone, sports watch, or fitness device to track and display your performance. The visor has an adjustable headband with an […]

Blubandoo Cooling Headwear

June 29, 2015

What a relief! It’s great to wear a hat in the summer for the sun protection, but now, there’s an added benefit with the fantastic Bluebandoo (fun name to say!) Cooling Headwear! The patented design contains special little crystals that you soak in water for a mere 5 minutes, and they remain hydrated and keep […]

Hytail Ponytail Hat – Athletic Version

May 6, 2015

Yipee! Our friends at ADActivewear have made their already fantastic Hytail Hat even better. Their Athletic Version is fashioned out of a lightweight, wicking material that keeps you cool, yet provides that much needed sun protection for your face and important head protection from ticks and other nasties. It’s the same great design with the original […]

Helmet Huggers

February 2, 2015

Give your helmet an update with Helmet Huggers. We especially like the Gold Dust pattern but with more than 35 patterns and colors and faux fur combinations, why choose just one? It’s easy to secure to your helmet with an included Velcro strip and adjustable elastic and stopper combination. There’s even an opening in the […]