WIRTH Wooling Stone Cap

March 23, 2021

Currently available: $65  Visit their site to learn more

Love the cap, love the mission. The Wooling Stone Cap from our friends at WIRTH is just what you need to keep you comfortable and dry when the temperatures dip and the rain comes down. A stylish wool topper with an adjustable leather strap and flat brim, it looks as great on a hike through the mountains as it does at brunch in town or on a walk along the shores with the Burrard Street Bridge in the background (like the photo above!). Handmade in Beautiful British Columbia’s largest city of Vancouver, the hats from WIRTH are also meant to stimulate conversation around vulnerability and openness to improve mental health. Proceeds from the sale of each hat go towards supporting mental health initiatives and the WIRTH Foundation’s Counselling Fund, which has sponsored over 4,000 counseling sessions to date. Support a noble cause with the WIRTH Wooling Stone Cap, because as they say, “You’re WIRTH It.”