Peekaboos Classic Cable Ponytail Hat

January 7, 2016

Currently available: $39.95  Visit their site to learn more

No ordinary hat! Our friends at Peekaboos have designed the Classic Cable Ponytail Hat, an innovative winter hat with hidden openings for your ponytail. No need to squish all your hair in your hat; within the cable knit twist are 2 openings, one high and one low, so that your ponytail can be free to poke through. We love that the openings are not visible if you decide not to wear your hair in a ponytail – it just looks like a nice stylish hat. Available in 6 colors and made out of a washable, non-itchy acrylic yarn. When you are out and about on your TrailblazerGirl activities, this is a clever and chic way to keep your head warm!