Eco Solemax 13.1 Cushioned White by Save Our Soles

November 5, 2012

Currently available: $10.95  Visit their site to learn more

It’s just a sock, right? Well, maybe it’s more. The new Eco Solemax 13.1 Cushioned White by Colorado-based Save Our Soles has some features that runners will really appreciate: Aside from being comfortable and padded, this sock is made with a type of nylon that’s more durable and absorbent (read “pulls the sweat away from your foot”) than most any other sock on the market. Oh, some of the material is also recycled, so you’re being good to the planet too. Our friends at Save Our Soles are making a name for themselves by using specialty fabrics, made with recycled materials, bamboo, nylons and Lycra, that perform really well for different activities like cycling, running, hiking and skiing. So, now that you’ve picked-up all that gear, you might as well consider matching up the right sock.