Bobo’s Oat Bars

November 5, 2012

Currently available: $2.40 - 3.13 per bar  Visit their site to learn more

A bar that’s not too sweet. Oh, and yes it’s healthy. Bobo’s Oat Bars have all-organic ingredients and come in 10 great flavors along with 4 new gluten-free flavors. The flavors are ones that others seemed to have overlooked: original (oaty goodness), coconut (excellent!), cinnamon raisin (popular in the office), peanut butter (a solid choice), cranberry orange (great for breakfast), chocolate (can’t go wrong), almond (yummy), banana (a favorite), strawberry (a solid), apricot (we fought over this one) … plus the gluten-free varieties: peach (how could everyone else have missed this, it’s great), maple pecan (delicious), lemon poppyseed (great with tea), chocolate almond (we think one of the guys stole this). Thankfully, they’re not overly sweet but healthy and filling and great tasting.