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Run for Your Lives Series

October 31, 2012

Currently available: $82  Visit their site to learn more

Coming in November and December, 2012. The Run For Your Lives series is the world’s first interactive zombie-infested obstacle race experience. Yep, you read that right. Don’t just run… run for your life… for fun of course. Costumed organizers dressed as brain-hungry, virus-spreading, zombies chase you over obstacles and try to pull flags from your belt (which are issued to you and represent your health). If you lose all your health flags, you are then “infected” with the zombie virus, and the zombies win, but luckily there will be opportunities to get extra flags during the race. Use speed, strategy and allies to make it to the finish line “alive” across the 5k, which might turn 10k, course that will naturally change in order for you to survive as you run from start to finish.