KURU ROAM Sneakers

October 13, 2020

Currently available: $110  Visit their site to learn more

They may look like your classic court sneaker, but they are sooo much more! The ROAM Sneaker from our friends at KURU is specially engineered to fight foot pain and promises to be the world’s most comfortable shoe. That’s a big promise, and they live up to it by utilizing their patented KURUSOLE technology. This consists of the ultimate insole that gives you a custom fit by conforming to your foot, using a unique foam that molds to your heel, arch, and forefoot with the help of your body heat. Additionally, special attention to the fat pad under your heel is accorded, thanks to the design of the heel portion of the insole which cradles your heel and dynamically flexes, keeping the protective fatty tissue under your heel in place. Though they advise you to allow a break-in period of 2-3 hours at a time in your home, on a clean surface over a period of 2-3 weeks, we felt that they were quite comfortable with just a few sessions. These shoes are great on the courts, walking about town, running the track, and hitting the trails. For all-day comfort and support, check out the KURU ROAM Sneakers!