Knog Blinder 1 Light

September 18, 2012

Currently available: $29.95  Visit their site to learn more

Pre-release preview! Our friends at Knog sent us their latest product: the Blinder 1 Light which was just announced at the Eurobike 2012 exposition in Germany. Soon to be available in US stores, this small device puts out a strong 20 lumens visible at 500 meters and amazingly runs off of a Lithium polymer battery with a built-in USB recharger. It has a simple snap-on latch for your handle bars, and it can be easily detached when you want to take it inside to recharge. Oh, and it’s cute and works great, so we, just for fun, took it on a hike along The Bay and found that it also worked perfectly as a ring flashlight on the trail. Simple, super-functional and really cool.