November 2, 2021

Currently available: $30+  Visit their site to learn more

Keep the stink in! The STNKY Bag Pro is a novel laundry bag that seals in odors, germs, and moisture. An innovative design includes a built in mesh bag, two zipper openings, and a special lining that locks in the stinkiness and sweatiness that our clothes have after all our TrailblazerGirl adventures. Fill the bag with your dirty clothes, unzip the bottom of the bag, flip the STNYK bag inside out, exposing the mesh bag with the clothes inside, and throw the whole thing in the wash. Yes, the whole bag can go in the wash! No need to touch those dirty clothes! You can even pop the entire package in the dryer after the clothes have been thoroughly cleaned. The bag comes in two sizes: standard (13L) and XL (26L) and is just what you need when you hit the gym, go camping, or have a weekend away. The STNKY Bag Pro is the key to keeping your stinkies separate from your cleans!