Salt and Stone Products

May 28, 2024

Currently available: $20+  Visit their site to learn more

Not only are they natural, but they are beautifully scented. Our friends at Salt and Stone have some skincare and self-care products that are formulated with active ingredients from the sea and mountains, in combination with exhilarating scents. Their natural deodorants are aluminum-free and provide long-lasting coverage, even during your most strenuous TrailblazerGirl activities. They use some interesting and nutrient-rich ingredients like probiotics, seaweed, spirulina, probiotics, and hyaluronic acid to help balance your skin’s microbiome, soothe and regenerate irritate skin, and neutralize odors. Their body wash, body lotion, and hand cream are also formulated with these unique ingredients, as well as extra nourishing and moisturizing niacinamide, vitamin E, and a blend of natural, emollient oils. Rousing scents such as bergamot and hinoki, neroli and basil, and black rose and oud are just a few of the energizing and captivating fragrances that your senses will be treated to. Plus, the company is committed to protecting the planet, accredited with a Leaping Bunny certification, packaging their product in up-cycled ocean plastics, in addition to using renewable solar and hydroelectric energy in their manufacturing processes. Bask in the eco-friendly, naturally effective, and lovely bouquet of the Salt and Stone Products!