Pro HydroJug

November 4, 2021

Currently available: $19.99+  Visit their site to learn more

There are big water bottles, and then there’s…Pro HydroJug! This massive bottle is your ticket to keeping hydrated throughout the day and especially during your workouts, without having to constantly refill your water bottle. It has a massive 73 ounce capacity – that’s more than 4 times the capacity of your standard 16 ounce bottle and slightly more than a half gallon! It’s shatterproof, BPA Free, and dishwasher safe. Carry it by the handle on the side or by the loop on the cap. It comes in a bevy of colors from neutrals and pastels to neons and dark solids. Add a sleeve with a convenient pocket to hold you phone and another one to carry keys, ID, and money, plus a handy detachable shoulder strap. If you prefer to drink from a straw, pop in the reuseable straw that is made with 3 detachable parts for effortless cleaning. Staying hydrated is no problem with the Pro HydroJug!