Bearwatch Wildlife Deterrent System

August 13, 2021

Currently available: $299CAD  Visit their site to learn more

Going camping in the backcountry? Then you might want to think about getting the Bearwatch Wildlife Deterrent System. The system is essentially a portable electric fence that you can quickly set up around your tent or a 19.5 feet by 19.5 feet area to deliver an unpleasant shock to those uninvited “guests” looking for a midnight snack. The kit weighs 3.1 pounds and includes 246 feet of brightly colored electrical poly wire, fence poles, special clips to attach the wire to the poles, a power pack, electric fence warning signs, and a water-resistant carrying bag. The external power pack, which runs on 8 AA batteries, has a total run time of 45 hours or up to 5.7 eight-hour-nights. Feel safer and sleep better in bear country with the Bearwatch Wildlife Deterrent System.