Dr. Motion Compression Ankle Socks

May 18, 2021

Currently available: $10 (2 pairs)  Visit their site to learn more

The doctor brings wellness to everyone through socks. Our friends at Dr. Motion have an array of compression ankle socks that meet this goal. These aren’t you typical compression socks. They are constructed with a mild compression level that feels more like a comfortable hug for your feet. A dynamic arch support helps with stability and balance, and the ball of your foot and heel feature extra padding for ultimate cushioning power. A breathable mesh upper and soft wicking yarn keep your feet cool and dry during all your TrailblazerGirl activities. Plus, a very reasonable price allows you to get your choice of fun designs like Kitties for the cat lovers, Frenchies for the canine lovers, or Wine for the oenophiles! Check out Dr. Motion Compression Ankle Socks for all day comfort.