HOTLOGIC 12v Mini Oven

April 12, 2021

Currently available: $39.95  Visit their site to learn more

A little oven for your car! Yes, that’s right, our friends at HOTLOGIC have designed a 12v Mini Oven that allows you to have a nice hot meal on the road. What looks like an ordinary insulated lunchbox is anything but ordinary. Inside is a conduction heat platform that can reheat as well as cook your food to a temperature of 165 degrees, thanks to a four foot long cord with a special plug that inserts into your car’s 12 volt socket. Note that HOTLOGIC also offers a Mini Oven that plugs into a standard wall outlet, so that you can use this amazing little invention at your office desk or on your travels. In less than an hour, take your food from refrigerator-cold to a satisfyingly hot meal. Even frozen boxed food can be heated in about 2 hours. A plastic container is included but you can use any type of container (glass, foil, cardboard, take out box, etc.) with a flat bottom and a lid with a capacity of about 1.5 quarts. So on your next road trip, plug in your HOTLOGIC 12v Mini Oven, and in a few minutes (or a few hours, if you’re cooking something frozen) when you get to your destination, your meal is toasty warm and ready to eat! Bon appetit!