CopperJoint Compression Clothing

March 22, 2021

Currently available: $15.97+  Visit their site to learn more

Get metal to treat the pain! CopperJoint offers compression clothing to help reduce pain and speed recovery for those muscle aches and fatigue that can happen from your TrailblazerGirl adventures. The graduated compression and patented copper-infused material enhance blood circulation and oxygenation, providing much needed pain relief and allowing your muscles to heal faster. Besides these benefits, the genuine copper ions that are bonded to the 4-way stretch fabric create a strong antimicrobial barrier that kills 99.9% of microbes and eliminate odor.¬†Upper body sleeves include wrist, elbow, and fingerless gloves, and lower body options include sleeves for your knees and ankles as well as long socks. The sleeves and socks are comfortable and non-restrictive enough to wear for extended period of time, including overnight. As they say, “Heal from within” with CopperJoint Compression Clothing!