Jack Wolfskin Activate Light 3/4 Pants

August 20, 2020

Currently available: $47.96  Visit their site to learn more

Lightweight yet just right for hitting the trails! The folks at Jack Wolfskin have been producing outdoor gear and clothing in Germany since 1981, and they’ve just recently been made available in the United States. Lucky us! Their Activate Light 3/4 Pants are a super example of their dedication to making “solutions to enhance the outdoor experience”. The material is light but thick enough for coverage (no panty lines showing here!) with a bit of stretch for ease of movement. They are breathable and have a water repellent finish, as well as are wind resistant with UV protection (UPF 40+). A drawcord in the hem allows you to cinch them tightly to avoid creepy crawlies making their way where they shouldn’t, and you can hike them up if you are wading through high waters. But, they’re not just for your backcountry adventures, because they are equally comfortable as a casual capri to wear for travel and around town. The Jack Wolfskin Activate Light 3/4 Pants are a versatile wardrobe piece for all your TrailblazerGirl activities, on and off the trails.