Pull Start Fire

August 17, 2020

Currently available: $17.99 (3-pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Starting your campfire is as easy as pulling a string…as long as you have Pull Start Fire! This amazing block that fits in the palm of your hand is an eco-friendly piece that will make cooking on your next camping trip or getting that beach bonfire started a cinch. Wrap the green string around a piece of wood, then loosely stack logs around the Pull Start Fire. Lastly, give the red string a quick tug. You’ll hear a pop, see some smoke, and then the block will light on fire, burning for 30 minutes, enough time for the rest of the logs to ignite. No need for matches nor kindling, and it even works on wet wood with rain and winds up to 200+mph! Amazing! It’s easy-peasy getting your campfire going with Pull Start Fire!