August 6, 2020

Currently available: $8+  Visit their site to learn more

Sweat happens. That’s okay, because thankfully there’s HIKI! With a line of products designed to help you deal with all your sweat needs – not just your underarms. There’s the Anti-Chafe Stick for those areas where skin-to-skin contact (read: the dreaded chub rub!) or skin-to-clothing can be a problem. Then there’s Body Powder, a┬átranslucent, talc-free powder that keeps you fresh and dry thanks to odor-fighting probiotics and moisture-absorbing, mineral-rich clay ingredients. Body Wipes are super handy for when you don’t have time or the facilities (i.e. camping) for a shower, and Hand Sanitizing Wipes to help keep us healthy and clean. And of course, they have aluminum-free, natural Deodorant in 3 scents and 2 sizes, plus an unscented Antiperspirant that can be used alone or in conjunction with a deodorant. Summer heat and our TrailblazerGirl activities often lead to sweatiness and our friends at HIKI have a solution for all our needs.