Barbados Welcome Stamp

August 7, 2020

Currently available: $2,000  Visit their site to learn more

Working from home? Then how about making Barbados home? That’s right, the beautiful tropical island of Barbados has started a program called Welcome Stamp that allows you to relocate to paradise and work remotely for 12 months. This 167 square mile island is located in the eastern Caribbean and boasts sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, a safe and stable economy, good healthcare facilities, and reliable, fast internet connectivity. Sound tempting? Then go to the link above and start the online application. Note that one of the requirements is a declaration that your annual income will be at least US$50K and/or sufficient means to support yourself during your stay in Barbados. Quick turnaround time on your application is promised with confirmation or denial within 5 working days, and if you’re approved, you will not be required to pay Barbados Income Tax. The visa is valid for one year but may be re-applied for during your stay for an extension beyond the initial 12-month period. Working remotely can almost be a vacation with the Barbados Welcome Stamp!