Raw Rev Organic Bars and Glo Bars

August 5, 2020

Currently available: $17.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Raw and delicious! Our friends at Raw Rev have some super tasty bars that are filled with raw superfoods to rev up your day. Their Organic Bars and Glo Bars are 100% vegan, gluten free, kosher, non GMO, and minimally processed, making them better for you and the environment. The Organic Bars are made with a base of fruit, nuts, and seeds with 240-260 calories and 5-7 grams protein. Flavors include: Chocolate Crave, Golden Cashew, Spirulina Dream, Chocolate Coconut Cashew (our favorite!), Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, and Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate. While the Glo Bars are geared to satisfy your sweet tooth, but with a healthy twist. Choose from 8 flavors like Mixed Nuts, Caramel, and Sea Salt (another fave!), Birthday Cake, and Dark Chocolate Cashew and Mint. They are slightly smaller (170-190 calories) and are filled with protein (11-15 grams), fiber (12-14 grams fiber), healthy Omega fats, and despite meeting your need for something sweet, they contain very little sugar (2-5 grams sugar). Join the revolution with Raw Rev Organic Bars and Glo Bars!