SuperBee Wax Wraps

July 9, 2020

Currently available: $10+  Visit their site to learn more

Bee responsible! With Wax Wraps from our friends at SuperBee, it’s easy to bee eco-friendly and avoid single use plastics when it comes to food storage. Ethically handmade and packed in rural northern Thailand, these wraps are made with organic cotton, certified pure beeswax (a natural antibacterial agent), and organic coconut oil and golden tree resin (they account for the stickiness that allows you to tightly seal the freshness in your food). Wash them in lukewarm water with a touch of dishwashing soap, and they’ll last for up to 2 years. Note: because you’re using lukewarm water, it’s not recommended that you use them with raw meat or eggs. SuperBee’s best selling Beeginner Set is very versatile and includes 3 sizes of wraps: small (7.75″ square), medium (9.25″ square), and large (12.75″ square). We especially like their Waxed Baggee, a 7″ by 2″ bag that’s perfect to hold trail mix and nuts. Next time you pack your food, reach for SuperBee Wax Wraps and bee happy!