Kreyol Essence Haitian Mango Lori’s Dream Body Set

May 19, 2020

Currently available: $45  Visit their site to learn more

The liquid gold of the Caribbean! Specifically, it’s the Haitian Black Castor Oil that’s the secret (well, maybe not so secret!) ingredient in the Kreyol Essence products. The Haitian Mango Lori’s Dream Body Set includes Haitian Black Castor Oil in Mango, Papaya, and Coconut, plus a Body Wash and a Cleansing Soap Bar both in Haitian Mango, Papaya and Rhum Punch. It’s no wonder this kit is called Lori’s Dream, because these products smell so wonderful – like a tropical island party! But smelling pretty is not the only thing going for these eco-friendly formulations. The signature, sustainably-harvested, Haitian Black Castor Oil is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and ricinoleic acid, which result in all kinds of goodness for your hair, skin, and body. The Haitian Black Castor Oil comes with a dropper that allows for easy application directly on your scalp or eyebrows to promotes hair growth or add a few drops to your conditioner or on those dry patches of skin for a luxurious moisturizing experience. This socially responsible company also creates jobs in Haiti, protects the island’s environment, and empowers women. Make a positive impact globally and with your hair and skin with Kreyol Essence products.