April 30, 2020

Currently available: $12  Visit their site to learn more

No more single-use products! Our friends at LastObject are on a mission to create sustainable alternatives to household singe-use items so that we have a better world with less waste and less CO2 emissions from production and transportation, as well as be more┬áthoughtful in how we spend our resources. Their first product out the door is LastSwab (check in later for their next big release!). Following a very successful crowdfunding campaign, this reusable, sustainable alternative to the common cotton swab is a fantastic way to save the planet from unnecessary waste. They may seem like small things, but it’s reported that every day 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced and discarded after one use. That really adds up! LastSwab offers 2 different types of tips: basic (a nubby tip useful for cleaning ears) and beauty (a soft tip useful for make-up application and removal). Cleaning is easy using soap and warm water, and each LastSwab comes in a convenient, plant-based plastic case for sanitary storage.┬áLessen your environmental footprint with LastSwab!


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