Kenu BingeBank

April 29, 2020

Currently available: $39.95 ($20 Amazon exclusive savings)  Visit their site to learn more

Have a phone? Of course you do! Then you must remember our friends at Kenu who we introduced you to several years ago with their bevy of products that make life with your phone easier and better. We just discovered their BingeBank, a power bank that can charge up to three devices simultaneously. Yes, the powerful 10,000 mAh capacity will charge three gadgets at the same time – wirelessly and with 2 wired ports: a USB-A and a USB-C. A special nanosuction pad holds most smooth/shiny phone cases securely, but there’s also an adapter shelf that you can attach to the pad if you have a case that’s non-smooth like silicone, leather, or fabric. On one edge of the BingeBank are 4 LED charging lights, each representing 25% of the charge level and the on/off power button. As if the charging capability and capacity weren’t enough, there’s also a built-in, adjustable kickstand that makes it easy to prop up your phone to participate in your Zoom meetings, FaceTime with family members, or to binge watch your favorite series. The BingeBank is a compact, convenient, multipurpose, super handy device that we’ve all come to expect from our friends at Kenu!