April 10, 2020

Currently available: $3,999  Visit their site to learn more

Space: the final frontier. You don’t need to voyage on the starship Enterprise to see space, as long as you have Stellina. This compact device consists of an observation station and tripod with a built-in pointing and tracking system, an embedded computer, an image sensor and motorization, a light pollution filter, portable battery, as well as a heater with a humidity and temperature sensor. It’s portable, weighing slightly less than 25 pounds and is very quick to set up. Download their free app, Stellinapp, on your phone or tablet, select a target such as a galaxy, nebula, star cluster, planet or the moon. This smart telescope then points at it, digitally focuses on it, and presents an image on your chosen device. Zoom in on it, save it, share it, or tweet it (the above picture is an actual shot of the moon, courtesy of Stellina). Amazing! Reach for the stars (and more!) with Stellina!