HiBAR Shampoos and Conditioners

April 9, 2020

Currently available: $13.95  Visit their site to learn more

No more plastic! We know you are trying to do your part by eliminating single-use water bottles, but have you thought about the bottles in your shower? Yes, those fragrant bottles of shampoo and conditioner that keep our tresses looking presentable. Our friends at HiBAR have, and they’ve got some wonderful solid shampoos and conditioners. That’s right, solid, meaning that they don’t come in a bottle! Hurrah! They are shaped a little like a water droplet with a flat bottom and an angled top. They fit easily in the palm of your hand so you can rub these little guys directly on your wet hair or alternatively, lather them in your palm and then apply to your hair. Each shampoo bar should last at least as long as a 16 ounce bottle, while the conditioner bars will last even longer. Formulated out of almost entirely plant-based ingredients with a base of coconut oil plus a blend of essential oils, they have a mild, slightly citrusy scent. You won’t find any bad stuff either like sulfates, parabens, silicone, and phthalates. They offer three options for shampoo and conditioner: Maintain (for normal hair, or to remove product build-up); Moisturize (for thicker hair, or dry hair, or if you wash more frequently); and Volumize (for thin, fine or lifeless hair, or to add more body or definition). Raise the bar, skip the plastic, and go for HiBAR Shampoos and Conditioners for beautiful hair!