Brynje Super Thermo Lady’s Shirt

February 18, 2020

Currently available: $74.95  Visit their site to learn more

Soon to be released! The Super Thermo Lady’s Shirt from our friends at Brynje will keep you warm this winter. You may recall that Brynje brought us one of last year’s top items in the Wear Category, their Lady Wool Sports Top, and just because they had an item in one of our most popular categories, they are not resting on their laurels. Their latest women’s base layer is designed out of a synthetic mesh fabric that interestingly will keep you 4-6 times warmer than a solid knit material. Yes, that right, even though your skin is exposed through the open mesh weave, you stay warmer for three reasons. One, the fabric doesn’t absorb moisture – meaning that you won’t have a sweaty wet shirt against your skin after exertion. Two, there’s a natural ventilation due to the mesh design. And three, an insulating layer is created by trapping air between the mesh. The Brynje Super Thermo Lady’s Shirt presents a very smart design for all your active TrailblazerGirl adventures!