boe. Outdoor Entertaining Gear

November 26, 2019

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The party starts outside! Our friends at boe. know this and have found some of the best items to help you elevate your next camping trip. They sent us three of them to test out: USB Rechargeable Lighter, Luci Candle, and GIR Bottle Stopper. The USB Rechargeable Lighter is a genius product that eliminates the need to search for that box of matches when it’s time to start the campfire. Charge it for an hour and a half with the included USB cord before you leave, and you’re assured of a light anytime you need it, and it’s windproof too! It uses an electric charge (no fuel needed!) to flamelessly light your fire at the push of a single-button. Create an intimate environment with the solar powered Luci Candle, a handy, waterproof, flameless light. It’s super lightweight, folds up for easy portability, and on a fully charged battery lasts up to 18 hours. Mangle the cork? No worries, as long as you have the GIR Bottle Stopper! This stopper has three silicone rings around the interior cork that provide a superior seal on any size bottle, so there’s no chance of loosing a drop of your precious vino. These are just a sampling of the useful and fun finds that you’ll see on the boe. website!