Janji Runpaca

October 7, 2019

Currently available: $54  Visit their site to learn more

You have alpacas to thank for this shirt! Our friends at Janji craft globally inspired running gear, and their Runpaca short sleeved shirt is influenced by Mexico. Testing and promo shots were done in Mexico, so you know that they ran this shirt through the paces with hot weather in mind. The Runpaca fabric is a cotton blend with alpaca fleece, which leads to a super soft feel that is thermo-regulating and odor resistant. Good combination! It also means that you can wear this shirt multiple days without worrying about smells scaring everyone away – perfect for those weekend camping and hiking trips. End result is that this cuts back on how often you need to wash it, which is consistent with the company’s goal of of fighting the global water crisis. Plus 5% of their proceeds go toward funding clean water projects worldwide. The Janji Runpaca is a great shirt that can be worn on the trails and in the city with the added bonus of being from a socially responsible company.