July 8, 2019

Currently available: $19.99  Visit their site to learn more

A different kind of jerky. It’s Chomps, a jerky stick that is made with┬áhealthy, 100% grass-fed meat. That means that you’ll have quality meat that is humanely and sustainably raised, free of nitrates, nitrites, hormones, and antibiotics. Each stick has 9-10 grams of protein, less than 110 calories, and as an added benefit, they’ve replaced all of the gluten and sugars often found in most jerkies with lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats, leaving you with a tasty, snack. The individually packaged sticks don’t require refrigeration so they’re very convenient to just pop in your backpack, providing you with an excellent source of sustainable energy for your next TrailblazerGirl adventure. Choose from: Original Beef; Hoppin’ Jalapeno Beef; Italian Style Beef; Sea Salt Beef; Crankin’ Cran Beef; Original Turkey; Jalapeno Turkey; and Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Venison. For an on-the-go, high protein snack, chomp on some Chomps!