The Transition

May 17, 2019

Currently available: TBD  Visit their site to learn more

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s a car and a plane wrapped up in one, single craft! The long awaited flying car from the folks at Terrafugia is scheduled to be released some time this year. The Transition is a two-seater car with foldable wings that is compact enough to fit in a standard size garage. It’s complies with the required safety features for both autos and aircraft, so you’ll need a driver’s license and a Light Sport Pilot Certification to drive/fly it. In car mode, it works on hybrid-electric powered motors and has standard features like seat belts, 3 rear cameras, and airbags. While in flight mode, it delivers a 400-mile range, a top speed of 100 mph and reaches a maximum height of 9,000 feet using automotive gas. You’ll soon be able to avoid the rush hour traffic with the new Transition!