Bison Rolling Grill

April 12, 2019

Currently available: $29  Visit their site to learn more

For your next camping trip, just roll it and go! The Bison Rolling Grill is a compact, handy kit that it a super addition to your camping gear. It consists of a grill that measures about 10 inches by 12 inches, grill guards, adjustable stand posts, and a carrying sack. The whole thing can be carried in your backpack and weighs less than 1.2 pounds. Unroll the grill, slide the grill guards on either side, and in under a minute, you’ll have a solid grill ready to get dinner cooking. Designed out of a durable, aluminum with a non-stick Teflon coat, it’s super easy to clean without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. The ultra-portable Bison Rolling Grill easily turns your camping trip into a backyard BBQ!