Ombraz Armless Sunglasses

March 15, 2019

Currently available: $140  Visit their site to learn more

Look ma, no arms! Yes, the Ombraz Sunglasses are armless! How do they stay on? Just rest the sunnies on your nose, place the permanently attached cord over your ears, then gently tighten the cord via the adjustable knot system. Voilà, these shades stay put no matter how much your TrailblazerGirl adventures have you moving around. Plus, there’s no pressure on or around your ears, so they’re super comfortable, especially when you wear hats or helmets! The lenses are top notch, polarized, scratch- and impact resistant, with a special coating on them that makes them easy to clean, too. When you’re not wearing them, they’ll can hang down around your neck or just pop them in the included neoprene sleeve with a built-in microfiber cloth for cleaning – they lay completely flat (no arms, remember!) for easy storage and transport. As if all this wasn’t enough to have you rushing to get yours, Ombraz will plant 20 trees for every pair sold via their Shade Project project! How great is that?! With a truly unique design, quality specs, and their Shade Project, Ombraz will have you turning heads!