Kaenon Strand Polarized Sunglasses

November 9, 2022

Currently available: $175  Visit their site to learn more

Now we’re seeing things clearly! The Strand Polarized Sunglasses from the folks at Kaenon are built to enhance your outdoor experience. With excellent lenses, you’ll have the clarity that allows you to enjoy everything in nature, from the salmon swimming up stream to the contours of the moguls that you’re carving on the ski slopes to the panoramic views on that mountain you’ve just summited. Their proprietary lenses are polarized to cut any glare while enhancing color and contrast and are armed with special coatings that repel dirt, water, oil, and unwanted reflection. They are impact and scratch resistant to help protect your eyes when you’re doing your TrailblazerGirl thing. These sunnies are super lightweight so they are comfortable for all-day wear, yet have the strength and flexibility to last. Plus, inset nosepads help keep these babies where they should be, snugly on your nose!¬†As they say, built for outsiders, the Kaenon Strand Polarized Sunglasses are the clear choice for active TrailblazerGirls!