A Journey of Discovery in Macedonia with Women’s Own Adventure

February 25, 2019

Currently available: AUD $3,595  Visit their site to learn more

Coming June 28, 2019. Experience an ancient culture and history in a country that not many tourists have been exposed to. As of this month, this country is officially named the Republic of North Macedonia, and the folks at Women’s Own Adventure have designed a 10-day tour of this area in the Balkans that is bordered by Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, and Greece. Highlights include a hiking and wildlife conservation tour of Pelister National Park, guided walking tours of picturesque villages, a local winery visit, a regional cooking class, a lesson in traditional embroidery, and wildlife viewing to potentially spot one of the Big Five European mammals: the Bear, Wolf, Wild Boar, Deer and Lynx. A Journey of Discovery in Macedonia is a moderately active tour that promises a variety of cultural, historical, and outdoor activities showcasing this unique country.