Rocketbook Everlast

February 22, 2019

Currently available: $34  Visit their site to learn more

Go high tech with your notebook! At first glance, the Rocketbook Everlast may look like an ordinary spiral notebook, but it’s actually a super-cool, reusable, smart notebook. The pages are made out of a synthetic material; they are slightly thicker than standard paper and have a smooth, almost plastic feeling to them. Write on them with a Pilot FriXion pen (included but you can also purchase others and in different colors and thicknesses), let them dry for 10-15 seconds, then take a picture of the page with the free Rocketbook app. This scans your notes, and then you can save, email, and text those notes using the shortcut icons at the bottom of the page or directly through the app. How cool is that! When finished, just wipe the page off with a damp cloth, and like magic, you have a fresh, blank, new page to take notes on! Write, scan, wipe, repeat! Talk about eco-friendly!┬áThe Rocketbook Everlast is one of the most innovative products we’ve seen – definitely a smart notebook!