Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies

February 27, 2019

Currently available: $5.18+  Visit their site to learn more

Little bites of yumminess, and as the name says, they are healthy for you! That’s right, Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies are healthy with no added sugar, no preservatives, and no trans fats. Plus they are gluten free, low in net carbs, low in calories, high in fiber, and use only non GMO ingredients. They are loaded with natural ingredients like whole grain oats, dried fruits, chia seeds, and ground flax seeds. These oatmeal cookies are moist, soft, flavorful, and they even have a vegan variety that is free of the egg whites found in the oatmeal and chocolate flavors. But the stars of this company are their brand new cookies, Alyssa’s Healthy Almond Cookies. Again, they are gluten free with no preservatives nor trans fats, but instead of oats, they are made with ground almonds and few other organic ingredients (but no oil or fat of any kind!). Super delicious, especially the Dark Chocolate Almond Cookies! Try all of Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies for a guilt-free treat!