September 13, 2018

Currently available: $19.95 (3 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

When a simple elastic band won’t do…check out Packbands! Packbands are a novel product that can help you organize, carry, and secure all your TrailblazerGirl gear. Available in 3 sizes, 9, 12, and 15 inches, these brightly colored silicone straps are adjustable and strong. You can even attach two Packbands together to form a longer strap. They won’t break like rubber bands can and are so much easier to use since they are open-ended. Use them to bind your tent and tarp together, attach your water bottle and walking sticks to your backpack, secure rolled clothes together in your suitcase, organize all those recharger cords, fasten your snowshoes and poles together, hang a wet towel on the outside of your pack, and much more. There’s a handy loop that serves to┬ásecure the end of the Packband, join two Packbands together, or indicate if rolled clothing is clean or soiled, thanks to the +/- signs on either side of the loop – so smart! As they say, “Keep it together!” with Packbands!