Pacific Northwest Elfin Compression Packing Cube

July 12, 2018

Currently available: $18  Visit their site to learn more

Maximize your space! The Elfin Compression Packing Cube from our friends at Pacific Northwest will be your new best friend when it comes to traveling. Designed out of a lightweight yet durable material, the packing cubes come in three sizes to meet your needs. They have two-way zipper openings to facilitate compressing the contents like bulky sweaters and that stack of shirts and shorts that you just might need. Plus, there’s an exterior pocket to hold small items and a convenient handle for easy transport. You can organize all your socks and underwear in the small cube, all your shirts in the medium cube, and sweatshirts and jeans in the large cube or pack each cube with everything you want to wear on a given day. Either way, your clothing is in nice compact packages while you travel. At the end of your trip, they can be tossed in the washing machine so they’re ready for your next adventure. Pack more in less space with the Pacific Northwest Elfin Compression Packing Cubes!