Survival Bracelet – Whistle Buckle and Fire Starter

June 21, 2018

Currently available: $32.99  Visit their site to learn more

Keep it all on your wrist! The folks at Survival Straps have a piece of gear that you will find indispensable on your next camping or hiking outing. The Survival Bracelet with Whistle Buckle and Fire Starter is designed out of several feet of 550 pound paracord and features a signal whistle and fire starter as the closure. The paracord is the same type of cordage used to rig military parachutes, so you know that it’s very strong, and it can be unraveled to use in an emergency situation. The whistle is loud and can be used while it’s on your wrist or off, making it easy to signal for help whether you’re on the trails or in the city. The fire starter consists of a flint on one side and a metal, serrated, sparking piece on the other. The bracelet is handmade in the USA and comes in a variety of color combinations and sizes. Be prepared for anything with the multi-useĀ Survival Bracelet with Whistle Buckle and Fire Starter.